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Woman awarded £21,000 after slipping on library floor

An 81-year-old woman who broke her leg when she slipped on a wet floor in a library has been awarded £21,000 compensation.

The woman was visiting a mobile library run by her local authority in 2010 when the accident happened. Water had been leaking in through a skylight and so the floor was wet. She slipped and broke her right leg in two places.

She had to have metal rods inserted in her leg and spent two months in hospital. She suffered an ongoing reduction in mobility.

The woman took legal action against the local authority, claiming it was negligent in failing to close the skylight when it was raining, failing to prevent the floor from getting wet and failing to warn visitors of the hazard.

The authority disputed liability on the basis that the skylight had not been left open and that, given the weather, the woman should have taken more care. It was then agreed that liability should be shared equally between the woman and the authority. The two sides agreed an out-of-court settlement of £21,000.

This was to compensate the woman for her pain, suffering and loss of amenity.

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