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Collins currently investigating the claims of several hundred steelworkers and former steelworkers

For generations steel was the backbone of British industry and at the heart of many communities up and down the country. Yet despite Government regulations for many years health and safety practices were not followed which made steelworks harsh and unpleasant places to work. Toxic gas, dust and fumes particularly in the vicinity of coke ovens can be dangerous to health and in many cases safety procedures were not put in place to safeguard employees.

Many steelworkers and former steelworkers, particularly those who have worked on coke ovens, have found themselves suffering from a range of illnesses including:

• Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD);
• Chronic bronchitis;
• Temporary exacerbation of asthma;
• Lung cancer;
• Skin cancer.

Collins is currently investigating the claims of several hundred steelworkers and former steelworkers who have suffered from health problems as a result of their employment. We also act for the families of deceased steelworkers who were harmed or even died because of illnesses from which, if health and safety regulations had been followed, they would not have suffered. The proposed cases are still in their early stages and we receive new enquiries every week.

Our clients can be found up and down the country and worked at many different steel and coke works, including:

Appleby-Frodingham Steelworks
Avenue Coke Works
Bear Park
Brookhouse Steelworks
Cargo Fleet
Clyde Valley Steelworks
Coalite, Bolsover
Coed Ely Coke Works
Consent Steelworks
Corby Steelworks (Deene and Glebe)
Cwm Coke Works
Daws Lane Steelworks
Derwenthaugh Coke Works
East Moors Steelworks
Fishburn Coke Works
Glasshoughton Coke Works
Hardwick (Holmewood)
Hawthorn Coke Works
Homefire Coke Works
Lambton Coke Works
Llanwern Steelworks
Manvers Coke Works
Monkton Coke Works
Nantgarw Coke Works
Normanby Park (John Lysaghts)
Norwood Coke Works
Orgreave Steelworks
Port Talbot Steelworks (Grange, Margam and Morfa)
Ravenscraig Steelworks
Redbourn Steelworks
Shotton Steelworks
Smithywood Coke Works
South Bank & Redcar Steelworks
Spennymoor (Tudhoe)
Teeside Steelworks
Workington (Moss Bay)
Workington Steelworks

If you, or a family member, work in one of the above steel or coke works, or any other steel or coke works in the UK, and you want advice about how to proceed, do not hesitate to call our Steelworkers Team on 01923 223324. Email:charkness@collinslaw.co.uk or amurduck@collinslaw.co.uk