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Salesman injured in road accident awarded nearly £800,000

A highly motivated and successful salesman who enjoyed marital arts training has been awarded nearly £800,000 compensation after sustaining debilitating injuries in a road accident.

The court heard that the 45-year-old was driving his car when another vehicle pulled out from a side street and collided with him. He suffered whiplash injuries that caused pain in his neck and shoulder. He later suffered severe headaches, which triggered anxiety and depression.

Before being injured in the accident, he had been highly-motivated and had coped with a very demanding job. He successfully combined this with his family responsibilities, which included maintaining the garden and decorating the home. He was also involved in the running of the house because his wife had rheumatoid arthritis. He was also actively involved in martial arts training.

This changed dramatically after the accident. He was no longer to help around the house and was unable to continue with his martial arts.

He took legal action against the other driver, claiming that he had been negligent in emerging from the side road when there was oncoming traffic. The court found in his favour and awarded him £791,110 to cover his pain and suffering, his loss of earnings potential and the cost of ongoing care.

In making the award, the court took into consideration that his continuing ill-health meant he would find it extremely difficult to find employment, particularly in his field of high-pressure sales.

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