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Manager awarded £41,000 compensation after being victimised

A senior manager has been awarded more than £41,000 compensation after being victimised at work by an employee.

The manager was in charge of 135 staff with the company. She had held the post since being promoted in 2010.

The East London Employment Tribunal heard that that an employee “took against her” after saying she had accused him of not working his full shift. She said he then tried to undermine her authority and accused her of harassment and bullying.

An investigation by the company cleared the manager of harassment but found there was evidence of bullying. She was demoted and moved to another post. She decided to take legal action claiming that she was the one who had been victimised.

The tribunal found in her favour. It held that the employee had not been able to provide any evidence of bullying to back up his claim. He had used the company’s harassment and bullying policy to raise a complaint against the manager when there was no evidence to support it. He victimised her, taking every opportunity to undermine her authority.

The tribunal also held that the company had failed to support her and had dismissed her concerns. It awarded her a total of £41,000 compensation for the victimisation she had suffered, although that figure may be revised at another hearing before the county court.

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Noordan Jaumdally and London Underground, Jeff Watson
East London Employment Tribunal May, 2015