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Levy exemption on homes will cut costs for self-builders

The government says people building their own homes will soon be able to save thousands of pounds because they will no longer have to pay the Community Infrastructure Levy.

The levy enables councils to raise funds from developers. The money is used to fund the infrastructure needed to support the development and to support local communities.

Ministers say that in future the levy will no longer apply to homes built or commissioned by individuals, families or groups of individuals for their own use as owner-occupiers.

Planning Minister Nick Boles said: “Our changes will make an enormous difference to people looking to realise their dream of having their grand design built and will save self-builders thousands of pounds.

“We urgently need to build more homes and changes to the levy will help increase housing supply and help businesses grow by making the system more flexible and fairer.”

The government says the changes will be introduced soon but hasn’t given a specific date.

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