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Cohabiting partners - and their lack of legal rights

Cohabiting partners – and their lack of legal rights – are very much in the news.

The Telegraph has reported on the unfairness of the current law for cohabiting partners, citing a woman who “was the victim of laws which offer little legal protection to non-married couples whose relationships break down.”

The article can be read in full here: Property laws for cohabiting couples ‘unfair’, judge says – Telegraph

Unmarried couples have myriad issues to consider when moving in together. It is definitely worthwhile getting legal advice to consider the best way to purchase a property and to find out your rights and where you stand.

Collins Solicitors’ conveyancing department can advise on all aspects of purchasing a property together, and the firm’s family department can help you put together a Cohabitation or ‘Living Together’ Agreement which can cover all aspects of a couple’s financial arrangements and what should happen if you separate.

Please contact Vipin Adhia (conveyancing and estate planning), Rebekah Gershuny or Elaine O’Brien (family law) on 01923 223 324 or through collins@collinslaw.co.uk